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Microsoft Just Schooled Nintendo, Sony And Apple With SmartGlass

The idea of using your smarthphone and tablet as an extension of your console is simply genius. That’s what SmartGlass is. It’s an app that lets Xbox owners control their system with a smartphone or tablet and extract infortmation like maps, character info, movie/episode notes and other cool details from what they are playing or watching. 

These are only some of the mentioned features. The potential to what it can do is amazing — like Kinect. 

By announcing SmartGlass Microsoft took away a big chunk of Nintendo Wii U’s and its GamePad’s (controller-tablet hybrid) appeal. Note that currently you can’t use SmartGlass as a controller (it’s more like a remote) but I think it’s just a matter of time. Imagine playing touch-based games like Angry Birds on the big screen but from your tablet. The beauty is that people can use their existing smartphones and tablets with an Xbox. Almost everyone I know have one or both of those devices. So it makes perfect sense to let people use a device they already own than asking them to buy a new one. Yes, the GamePad has more features (especially for gaming) but not that much really than a great tablet.

Sony is much more of a hardware-focused company than Microsoft — so chances are they won’t allow people who don’t have Sony products to control Playstations. They want them to use Sony.

Now to Apple. iPad is the most popular tablet and iPhones are everywhere. Rather than fighting it Microsoft is using it to their advantage. And as of now it seems like Apple will get absolutely nothing from SmartGlass.